Getting to the Bottom of Your Home’s Low Water Pressure

Nothing is quite as frustrating to homeowners as low water pressure. Whether it seems like forever to fill the bathtub or the washer takes way too long to finish a cycle.

If it is one shower head or faucet that has a water pressure problem, repairing that fixture will usually do the trick. If your entire home is plagued with pressure issues, however, you likely will have to do a little investigating before you can remedy the problem.

What follows is a list of things to check to get to the bottom of what can be a very irritating problem.

  1. Water Meter Valve. In the majority of homes there are usually two shut-off valves which control the water. The water meter valve is found on the side of your home facing the street. This valve belongs to the city so city workers are the ones who handle it. If you have a sudden drop in water pressure and the city has been doing some work in or around your house, it is likely that the water meter valve is the culprit.
  2. Main Shut-Off Valve. The main shut-off valve is located on your home where the water line enters. It is commonly in the basement or garage. If this valve is not open completely, you likely will experience low water pressure. If you have had any work done on your home, check to make sure that this valve is all the way open.
  3. Pressure Regulator. Not every home has a water pressure regulator but many do. This control valve regulates the amount of pressure that is inputted into your home’s pipes to prevent damage to those pipes. Damage to a regulator can wreak havoc on your water pressure.

If none of the items listed above are the cause of your whole home water pressure problem, it is necessary to consider the worst case scenario—aging pipes. Aging pipes can cause a variety of problems with water throughout your home and water pressure is one of those problems.

When it comes to water pressure in your home, if you have older pipes you may be dealing with a situation where the pipes are corroded and are filled with scale. This means that water is no longer able to run through the house the way that it should.

Unfortunately, replacing the pipes in your home can be an expensive repair so make sure this is the reason for your trouble. One indication that aging pipes are the issue is that there has been a gradual drop in water pressure rather than a sudden drop.


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