Water Does a Body Good but What About Your Complexion?

Every year Americans spend billions of dollars on skin care products. Despite this fact, many of these same people are not satisfied with how their skin looks.

When an expensive skin care regime isn’t working, many people are left to wonder if the way to get flawless skin is simply to increase water intake. It makes sense. Skin is about 65 percent water so drinking more water would seem to be the best path the soft, healthy skin. Unfortunately, many skincare experts will tell you that drinking more water will do little to improve the look and feel of your skin. Further, there is virtually no research that will back up such claims.

Dig a little deeper, however, and you will discover that there really hasn’t been very much research into the impact of water on skin. So why the scarcity of studies on how water impacts the appearance of the skin? It probably comes down to money. If a company funds research to find out that water does wonderful things for the skin, it’s not like they can patent water!

There are a few things that we do know, however. Skin is the body’s largest organ and is made up of cells. Like all cells in the body, without enough clean water it cannot function at its best. If you are dehydrated, therefore, you can be sure that your skin will become dry, flaky and feel tight. It also will be less resilient.

One thing is for sure, drinking a large amount of water all at once won’t work miracles. Instead, try to drink more water and spread your consumption out over time. That’s because the body can only absorb a certain amount of water at a time. If you drink too much too quickly it will never get a chance to circulate all the way to your skin.

There will probably never be a consensus on whether or not water consumption can improve the look, feel and texture of the skin but one thing is for sure, it won’t hurt. And many people will swear that drinking more water gives their skin a healthy glow. Many people who suffer from skin conditions such as acne concur. While it might not happen immediately, over time you may find that increased hydration can make a difference in the appearance of your skin.


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