Conserving Water in the Home

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average U.S. household wastes up to 180 gallons of water per week. And that is just known use. Additionally, various household leaks can waste 900 billion gallons of water each year.

Water is a precious resource in all parts of the world. states that one in nine people do not have access to enough water. Since humans require water to survive it is a critical resource that needs to be carefully conserved.

Most people do not appreciate the importance of conserving water in their homes. One way to make it a priority is to make the conservation of water in the home fun! This can be accomplished by making the task more fun. After all, when people have fun doing something, they are more likely to stick to it. What follows are some creative ways to save water!

  • Dance your way to using less water. Challenge family members to play their favorite song while they shower and to finish their shower before the song ends. With most songs only lasting a few minutes, this is a great way to save water.
  • Use recycled water to show off your green thumb. Leftover bathwater or collected rainwater can be used to water plants or gardens.
  • Make it a game. Compete with yourself or family members to see how many ways they can come up with to conserve water. You’ll be surprised at the creative ways people come up with to reduce water intake. Let the winner of the challenge choose a reward the whole family can enjoy.
  • Educate the kids. Kids are more likely to get involved with things they are interested in or know something about. Coloring pages about the need for clean water around the world or science experiments are a few examples of how to get kids to buy into the water conservation effort. Glasses filled with different amounts of collected rain water can be used as a makeshift musical instrument by tapping the glasses with a spoon.

Saving water is good for people in your own home and around the world. Why not having some fun doing it? Not only will the ideas above save water, they will save you money on your water bill, as well. Talk about a win-win!


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